Video Projects


Presented here is the beginnings of what will be more projects from clients with original scripted content with intent of telling a specific story. Some of these projects will also fall under other categories for reasons that they might also match the criteria for additional categories.


These projects will range from short films, skits, web series, animations, advertising, etc.

Featured Clients:

John Massari

Lukas Kendall

The Killer Klowns have invaded Hollywood for a one-night concert event at the Montalban theater.  They sent out one of their Klowns ahead of time to be first in line and beat the crowds in order to round up all the tickets so no human can attend.

This short film was produced to be like a fan film to help promote the "Live To Film" concert event featuring an orchestra version of the film score to Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

"KKFOS: Invasion of Hollywood"

​Lukas Kendall, mostly known for creating and operating Film Score Monthly for almost 20 years, has ventured into his own passion for filmmaking. He is currently developing a Sci-Fi short film that will serve as a proof of concept for a larger feature film. We worked closely with Lukas to craft a crowdfunding video that is truly "Lukas" in every sense.

"Sky Fighter" Campaign Video

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