Video Projects

Sizzle Reels Promos

Presented for review is a collection of sizzle reels & promo videos used in social media marketing for the event in which they were filmed. We shot and edited the videos. Only one camera was used in both cases. The audio was captured separately and synced up during the editing process. Enjoy!

Feature Clients:

John Massari

Lukas Kendall

ZinVu L.A.

Wanna hear a preview track from the upcoming "Sykosis" album composed, performed and produced by "D" for Disgruntled? Here is a truncated 1-minute version of the track entitled "Something Is Off". The album will be available on Bandcamp in September. More previews are coming.

A much truncated version of the animated logo was used for this short-form promo video.

"Sykosis" Album Pre-Release Track

One of 3 concepts in the works upon which a final version will be chosen for use. I used Video Copilot's plugin Element 3D to create the 3D text and the textures. everything else was executed in After Effects. The sound design was done my me and utilized the Motion Pulse Sound Library also available from Video Copilot.

"D3D Productions Animate Logo"

This video was produced using footage co-shot with Chuck Cirino during the night of the concert. From that footage a sizzle reel was assembled for use by concert promoters to sell the tour of this concert both domestically and internationally.

"KKFOS Live-To-Film Sizzle Reel"

We were privy to documenting the recording session at The Bridge Recording Studio. We captured a lot of BTS footage as well as conducted interviews with various Crowd Funders who had the opportunity to attend the sessions. We assembled a video to promote the upcoming album featuring the newly recorded music.

"KKFOS Score Re-Imagined Album"

A video promoting a Live-to-Film Concert of The Original Cult Classic, Music Performed by The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra, Conducted By Original Composer John Massari!  Featuring a Q&A With The Chiodo Brothers, John Massari & Cast Members Grant Cramer & Suzanne Snyder.  With special guests The Dickies!

"KKFOS Live to Film Concert"

In this short video we show the "before and after"  comparison of how the score originally existed as an all "synth" score versus how it has been "re-imagined" for a full orchestra. we selected a scene from the film for which we were given access to both visually and musically.  we edited this short segment for the sole purpose of showing people how the new music sounds and how it plays against the film. Listen as the music shifts back and forth from "all synth" to "all orchestra".

"KKFOS   Synth vs Orchestra"

​Lukas Kendall, mostly known for creating and operating Film Score Monthly for almost 20 years, has ventured into his own passion for filmmaking. He is currently developing a Sci-Fi short film that will serve as a proof of concept for a larger feature film. We worked closely with Lukas to craft a crowdfunding video that is truly "Lukas" in every sense.

"Sky Fighter" Campaign Video

For the real Estate Photography and Video service company based out of Carlsbad, CA, we helped create "archived" video presentations of their Zillow Video Walk-Throughs as a way of preserving their work. These would be used on their website for potential clients to review their work long after the property for which it was shot was sold.

"Zillow Video Walk-Throughs"

This short video exhibits another cool feature of the Matterport 3D Showcase - Information Tagging or "Matter Tags" as it is called. Anything can be tagged and each tag can contain additional information regarding the item being tagged. This information can range from text, videos, additional photos and links to other sources.

The music used was composed by our team contributor Matthew C. Hightshoe.

"using Matter Tags"

This short video exhibits one of the two ways a user can engage / immerse themselves in a Matterport Virtual 3D Space. The "Highlight Reel" as it is called, is the "passive" engagement method. A person simply clicks the play button and sits back to enjoy the automated tour. If they have a set of VR goggles and a mobile phone, a user can have a virtual reality experience of the same automated tour.

The music used was composed by our team contributor Josh Burns.

"Highlight Reel" automated Tour

After the benefit event was over, John and the panel of composers who attended came together for an additional promo video to be used post benefit event across social media.

"Cesura Youth Orchestra" 2

We filmed this short promotional video ad that John Massari used in his marketing efforts to bring awareness to the Cesura Youth Orchestra. We had to preform some post-production VFX clean-up on the mic attached to his shirt collar. The mic was pulling too much due to the wire placement running under his leather jacket. We corrected the placement.

"Cesura Youth Orchestra" 1

When the company started up, this was the teaser promo used on social media to grab people's attention. It also resided on our home page until we assembled a proper reel. The Music is from YouTube's royalty free library and was edited to fit the duration of the animation. 

The Creative Cortex - Teasser Promo