Client Projects

Simple Visual Effects

Manipulating reality for those who are not content with Their actual reality.

Presented for review is a collection of Visual Effects Samples which we designed and executed. These examples were created on "spec" to demonstrate our abilities to date with regard to visual effects. Enjoy!

As part of a larger social media campaign promoting his May 2018 "live to Film" concert, we produced this short film in conjunction with John Massari, The Chiodo Brothers and the Montalban Theater. What resulted is a short story of the Killer Klowns returning to earth, invading Hollywood to be first in line to gather up all the tickets to the concert so no human could attend. We scripted this, shot it and created all the effects.

KKFOS30 - Invasion of Hollywood

This is the before and after comparison to illustrate just how much work went into the effects. While some may view the effects as amateurish and not as refined by today's standards, that is not what we were after.  We wanted to capture that old, rough, not so polished result as the original film had.

Invasion of Hollywood - Before &  After

We shot a promo video promoting a benefit event hosted by John Massari.  During the shoot we failed to notice how badly the lavaliere mic was tugging on his shirt collar. We had to go back and digitally fix it so that it appeared i the proper place and moved around when he moved around. Due to the inability to reshoot as a result of schedule conflicts, we turned to VFX tricks to fix the mic placement.

Mic Placement Fix - Before & After

Created as a test for submission to work on a low-budget project involving alien invasion and attacking a city. We decided what better place than downtown L.A. The idea was to be witness to the invasion from a closed circuit type camera that was left behind in the middle of the destruction. A "Breaking News"opening would segue into the footage of the devastation for only a moment before the area is taken out completely.

The Attack

Here is the before and after of the effects for the alien attack and destruction. We shot the original footage and composited in all the effects shots from pre-keyed footage of explosions, fire and debris as well as customized several plugins. We also created the titles that opening and close the segment along with the sound design.

The Attack - Before & After

This was a test created as a submission to Ascent Releasing, the same company we created two concept Title Card animations for "There Is No Such Thing As Vampires". There was a potential for a segment of the same film that would require a "film" look" and requested a test sample from us.

Old Film Look

This is the before and after of the Old Film Look effect. we shot the footage of the old abandoned house. Then we created a customized film look and applied it to the footage.

Old Film Look - Before & After

An early distortion test created as a submission to work on a low-budget project. This example did not really require a before and after as the footage was not significantly altered except for in the face of the subject. The original moment was a comedic moment as the individual was making a funny face to begin with.  We used the effect to embellish the expression being made to heighten the humor. All titles and sound effects we created as well.

Facial Distortion Test