Graphic Design
Wireframes & Prototypes

Presented here are various Wireframes & Prototypes of websites and Mobile Apps. The last three samples have some interactivity. The static Wireframe samples were created with Photoshop and in some cases imported into PowerPoint. The interactive samples were created with Axure RP.

Featured Clients:

Connecture / DRX

Interlace Media

Ripe Media

Wireframes: Assets & Media CMS
Wireframes: USC Registrar Site
Concept for redesigning the Plan List Page within the Medicare Plan Compare sites.
Wireframes: FCS App
Wireframes for the Consumer App.
Wireframes: FCS App Dashboards
Wireframes for the Dashboard Section of the website.
Prototype: Medicare Marketplace
Interactive Demo used by Sales Teams at the Client Forum to promote the new redesign of the current Medicare Plan Compare default sites.
Prototype: Healthcare Plan List
Concept for redesigning the Plan List Page and the Enrollment Confirmation Page within the Medicare Plan Compare demo site.
Prototype: Plan Costs Calculator
Concept for illustrating a new component for the Plan Details Pages proposed by BAs and a reworking of the Plan Cards on the Plan List Page.
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