Graphic Design

Website UI Concepts

Presented here are concept designs for various Web Sites for which The Creative Cortex was also to build. Most of these projects ended up going in being put on hold or were cancelled altogether. Only two made it to fruition - Interlace and Stanford, however, Interlace went through an evolution and the final design can be seen on the Wireframes Page.

Featured Clients:

Connecture / DRX

Interlace Media

AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America)​​

Mariachi Juvenile Herencia Mexicana​

the Gold Derby

Alan Gordon Enterprises

Matthew C. Hightshoe

Who Is Matthew site Redesign 1
Who Is Matthew site Redesign 2
Standford Medicare Site
Interlace: Swift Media:Video CMS 1
Interlace: Swift Media:Video CMS 2
Interlace: Swift Media:Video CMS 3
AFAA: LQA System
AFAA: The Biggest Loser Hall of Fame
Mariachi Band Website Concept
Mariachi Band Website Home Page
Mariachi Band Website Posts
Mariachi Band Website Band Members
Alan gordon Website Redesign Concept
The Gold Derby Website Reskinning 2
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