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UI & UX Design

Presented for review is a collection of User Interface Designs (UI) AND User Experience Designs (UX), all designed by Matthew C. Hightshoe, Founder / Owner of The Creative Cortex. The samples range from design work performed on Apps, Websites and HTML Emails.

UX is the design of the "navigational flow" through an App or Website that will result in a positive experience for a user. UI is the "skin" or visual aesthetics of the App or Website to help with the experience.

Information Architecture is the foundation upon which the App or Website is structured - a logical and discernible layout of the content and information and how easy it is accessible by the user. Without a good foundation, or a strong narrative much like in any other medium such as filmmaking, graphic novels, etc., all the pretty surface stuff is style without substance.

Presented here are a few samples from 2 mobile applications. The Wireframes were designed first (samples can be seen under the Wireframes and Prototypes page) before applying a design scheme. Below are what resulted. These were Photoshop mock-ups.

UI for Apps

Presented here are samples of Information Architecture User Flows from which Wireframes and Prototypes could be created. Some samples were created with Photoshop while others  used Visio and Axure RP.

IA User Flows

Presented here are various Wireframes & Prototypes of websites and Mobile Apps. The last three samples have some interactivity. The static Wireframe samples were created with Photoshop and in some cases imported into PowerPoint. The interactive samples were created with Axure RP.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Presented here are samples of HTML Email Designs. These were personally coded by The Creative Cortex based on standards at that time.

HTML Emails

Presented here are concept designs for various Web Sites for which The Creative Cortex was also to build. Most of these projects ended up going in being put on hold or were cancelled altogether. Only two made it to fruition - Interlace and Stanford, however, Interlace went through an evolution and the final design can be seen on the Wireframes Page.

Website UI Concept Samples

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