Client Projects


Drawing a Blueprint for building a reality.

Presented for review is a collection of Pre-Vis work created for script and sales pitches. Included are Storyboards and Production Boards (single panel depiction of a scene/location). We use Storyboard Pro now, however, earlier samples were executed in Photoshop.

Pacific Theatre set 1
Pacific Theatre set 2
Pacific Theatre set 3
Pacific Theatre set 4
Pacific Theatre set 5
Medicare Plan Website Sales Pitch
Medicare Plans Pitch Boards 1
Medicare Plans Pitch Boards 2
Medicare Plans Pitch Boards 3
Medicare Plans Pitch Boards 4
Medicare Plans Pitch Boards 5
Medicare Plans Pitch Boards 6
The Tempest:The Swamp set 1
The Tempest:The Swamp set 2
The Tempest:The Swamp set 3
The Tempest:The Swamp set 4
The Tempest:The Storm set 1
The Tempest:The Storm set 2
The Tempest:The Storm set 3
The Tempest:The Storm set 4
The Tempest:The Storm set 5
The Tempest:The Storm set 6
The Tempest:The Storm set 7
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storyboard Samples

ILM Key Frame Contest: Submission 1
Submission 1 Rough Sketch
ILM Key Frame Contest: Submission 2
Submission 2 Rough Sketch
ILM Key Frame Contest: Submission 3
Submission 2 Rough Sketch
The Ant Bully DVD Game Screens
Game Screen 2: Sugar Craze
Game Screen 3: The Jelly Bean
Game Screen 4: Escape Attempt
Game Screen 5: Cry For Help
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Production Boards Samples