Presented for review is a collection of Photography created for both Clients and internally to demonstrate our full range of photographic skills. Our photography is all digital.

Featured Clients:

La-La Land Records

John Massari

Creature Features


Celestial Opera Company

Alex Cruz

Alan Gordon Enterprises

The documentary "King Cohen" had its L.A. premiere and we were hired by La-La Land Records to document the event. We were also asked to document via videography the Intro Speeches before the film and the Q and A Panel that preceded it. Those can be found under the Video Production page.

"King Cohen" L.A. Premiere

Film Composer John Massari re-recorded his classic 80s synth score to Killer Klowns from Outer Space into an orchestral reinterpretation. We were hired to captured stills documenting the process. The recording sessions were in two phases, one with the orchestra and one with Bear McCreary laying in some additional performance tracks.

"Killer KlownS" Sessions

Presented here is a collection of stills we took at various CD signing events at both Dark Delicacies and Creature Features in Burbank, CA. From these efforts we have managed to get hired on larger events such as the King Cohen Premiere and the John Massari "Killer Klowns" score re-recording. 

Signing events

The Founder of TCC, Matthew, is a huge Jerry Goldsmith Fan and when the late composer received a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame (WOF), Matthew attended as a spectator and documented the event mostly with video but managed to get a few stills as well.

Jerry Goldsmith WOF Star

We were hired by The Fans of Film Music Society to take stills of the Q and A Panel of film composers. Here is a sampling of what we did for them. This led to us being hired the following year to document the event via multi-camera videography.

Fans of Film Music 7

One of our earliest clients for which we provided BTS photography and had a joint video recording effort in which we shot the opening night. That video can be scene under the Video Production section of the site.

Carmen - Show & BTS

A brother-in-law of the TCC founder hired Matthew to document his daughter's 16th birthday. This was an early solo photo assignment by Matthew. 

a quinceañera

While working at Alan Gordon Enterprises, Matthew got to attend various trade Shows related to the entertainment industry. This collection of photos are from several Trade Shows Matthew attended.

Trade Shows