Client Projects

Photo Editing

Manipulating a singular moment of reality

to be forever remembered.

Presented here is a collection of Photos that have been edited, retouched, enhanced or significantly altered  - all to tell a narrative story. Also, it demonstrates the skill level of TCC with regard to photo manipulation.

A collection of Real Estate HDR Photography. One was done on "spec" to demonstrate we had the ability to do HDR photos. The second is from an actual assignment. We are sub-contracted from ZinVu, inc. to shoot HDR Photos for their Real Estate Clients. These demonstrate our HDR processing skills.

HDR Photography

Presented here is a collection of photographs that were altered for artistic expression to get the viewer to look at the world around them differently. While not performed for any clients, conducting personal exercises such as these keeps our skill sets current.

Artistically experimental

This section shows the before and after stages of our Photo Editing performed. All the photography with the exception of a few, were taken and edited by Matthew.

Before & after