Our Projects

While The Creative Cortex are first and foremost a service provider, we are working on our own original content as well. Our projects will range from web series, documentaries, short films, & animations.


For now, this is a collection of TCC's "YouTuber" styled videos,"Video Memmes", and "Movie trailer" styled shorts. Not everything presented in this section was necessarily planned.  Some of the moments captured were done so spontaneously and a story was constructed during editing.

"The Tech Savvy Myers" - Video Memme

Los Angeles, CA

40 years locked away doesn't keep Michael Myers from learning how to use modern day technology. While at LA Comic Con in 2018, TCC was shooting footage to use in the Hollywood Ghostbusters "about" video and it captured this candid moment. TCC couldn't help but do something with this clip and here is what it created during the editing of the other video..

"Amoeba Music Adventures pt. 1"

Hollywood, CA

Following a colleague around with an iPhone from time to time when he is in town and we attend signing events together. Afterwards, we occasionally visit Amoeba Music. It decided to "parody" the exhaustive effort he endures (rather I endure) while browsing through the endless selections of LP and 45s.

Memmes & Shorts

Interview Clips from the Film

Los Angeles, CA

These are clips from a documentary that is in production currently.  It focuses on the business and creative challenges surrounding the commercial releases of soundtracks. These are just a few of the many interviews being conducted. While these clips in and of themselves are just quick insights into each interview, they demonstrate the professional quality TCC is capable of achieving for interviews.

Documentary Interview Clips

"Another Day" Animal Sanctuary Visit 

Los Angeles, CA

Another early attempt by TCC at getting its feet wet with documentary story telling. This endeavor was created from a visit to a local animal sanctuary called the Gentle Barn. The is story told from the animal's perspective. There is little to no dialogue featured as the focus is on the animals and their environment.  The music also helps to tell the story of these creatures living a new life away from abuse. The music was composed and performed by Matthew.

Documentary Short

"City Life"

Los Angeles, CA

Early on before obtaining any clients, this was the first endeavor it embarked on. It is a cerebral tale of city life but not from any one perspective, rather, fro the city itself.  The city is the character, not the people in it. It is a series of vignettes showing how the city wakes up, gets all the moving parts moving and then coming to a rest to start the next day anew. The music was composed by D for Disgruntled.

Montage Video