CLIENT Projects

Motion Titles & graphics

Animating reality to view it from a different perspective.

Presented for review is a collection of Motion Graphics TCC produced for several projects. These examples range from "spec" assignments to projects in which they were actually used. Included is mostly Title Animations however, some early animation projects for clients prior to forming TCC are presented as well to demonstrate TCC's animation sensibilities. Enjoy!

"Animated Logo #1"
Los Angeles, CA

The initial concept for D for Disgruntled and his music branding. Taking the story that he is "way out there, mysterious and otherworldly" were the adjectives provided initially from which this concept was based.

D For Disgruntled Facebook Page Header

Los Angeles, CA

As already stated, this is a video used on the artisst's Facebook Page Timeline Header and website and where possible across social media. It plays to the mysteriousness of the composer both to his identity and the style of is music. You know immediately that there will be something different and against the music trends both with his music and his personality.

"Sykosis" Album Track Preview #1

Los Angeles, CA

TCC built upon and expanded (literally) on the concept for the Facebook Page header video. By incorporating the visual elements of the "branding" throughout the video, the style and the story of music being presented is properly conveyed. It is dark, moody and deals with something not "right" about the world around the character for which the story is about.

"Sykosis" Album Track Preview #2

Los Angeles, CA

Continuing the same style and structure for the "preview" videos, this video simply changes the color scheme and plays with the "TV static" to occur in sync with specific beats of the music.  This becomes the template for the subsequent tracks that were promoted.

"D for Disgrunteled"

Convention Appearance Announcement

Los Angeles, CA

Continuing the composer's journey and promotion the live-to-film concert tour, TCC was asked to create a Snap Chat styled video for the composer announcing his appearance at the horror convention Son of Monsterpalooza 2018. This time out, TCC created an all-out Motion Graphics video. The composer had to cancel an appearance at one event in order to appear at another. TCC found a unique perspective in which to convey the announcement on social media.

John Massari

Title Card Concept #1

Palm springs, CA

Ascent Releasing was looking for someone to create the opening titles for their film "There are no such things as Vampires". In the first concept, This concept focused on the idea that while the assumption in the story is that there are no more vampires, the lines of truth and fable are blurred and the fact is vampires still do actually exist. This fact will become painfully "clear" later on as the blinders are lifted and the true reality becomes crystal "clear".

Title Card Concept #2

Palm springs, CA

Ascent Releasing was looking for someone to create the opening titles for their film "There are no such things as Vampires". This concept is exemplified through the transitioning of the text from a blurred state to one that is clear and legible. The fast paced chaotic intersecting of the words and letters was intended to hint at the fluttering of bats. The music and sound was chosen to elicit the growing anxiety and fear the victims of the supposed non-existent vampires experience just before they are murdered (the thumping heartbeat-like sound followed by the metallic slashing sound slash and hit mixed with the hollow moaning sound).

Ascent Releasing

"Carmen" Titles & Credits

Los Angeles, CA

For the opera "Carmen", produced by The Celestial Opera Company, a DVD containing the entire stage and musical performance was made. While we assisted in the filming of the production, we produced all the design aspects of the DVD including the all the animated titles - opening and closing. Featured here is just the opening Titles. In the final version, sounds of the audience were heard in the background while the titles played on screen.

Celestial Opera Company

"Fans of Film Music 7" Opening Video Titles

Los Angeles, CA

These were created to accompany a video of the event Fans of Film Music which has yet to be finished. We incorporated and animated the design work created by Alan Dull on all the printed and online promotional materials.

Fans of Film Music Society

Branded Opening Sequence

Creature Features - Burbank, CA

Preceding each of the videos we produced for Creature Features, we created this brief opening. We created the Sound Design (featured here) before the decision was made to replace it with actual music in later videos.

Creature Features

Website Platform Sales Pitch Promo

Los Angeles, CA

A teaser animation created for the Satina's Place website. This was a coming soon teaser used to tell prospective investors and users what the site would be about in under a minute. The music was composed by "D For Disgruntled".

Satina's Place

Website Splash Page Animation Concept

Los Angeles, CA

Hired by a local company that produced video greeting cards, this "concept animation" was created as the "pitch" to obtain the animation assignment. The job was to to create an animation that depicted a scenario involving one of the video greeting card characters - ironically who hated greeting cards. This was what was presented.

Reel Greetings

"Book-End" Branding

Los Angeles, CA

For our own original content projects, and where appropriate, we created these "bookend" animations of our company branding. We would open and close our projects and samples with these animations.

Coming Soon Company Teaser

Los Angeles, CA

When the company started up, this was the teaser promo used on social media to grab people's attention. It also resided on our home page until we assembled a proper reel. The Music is from YouTube's royalty free library and was edited to fit the duration of the animation. 

The Creative Cortex