The Creative Cortex offers Expertise in producing small-scaled to moderate-scaled

Video productions.


Passion, integrity, and personal investment is what attracts clients and colleagues to TCC and keeps them coming back. While TCC is not a marketing company, clients appreciate the focus placed on producing a product tailored specifically for them and their marketing campaigns. An added value to any project TCC produces is its critical thinking to overcome obstacles as well as project coordination to keep the workflow moving and meet deadlines.


Whether it is short-form, long-form, scripted narratives, or run-and-gun videos, TCC can plan it, shoot it, edit it, & export it for the various distribution channels you intend to use. The final result is a video product that is tailored for your marketing strategies, YouTube Channels or personal narrative projects

Video Production

Services Available:

  • Project Consultation

  • Pre-Production​ Planning

  • Video Shoots

  • Video Editing

Get them all or pick only what you need!

Ideal For:

  • Short-Form / Long-Form Videos

  • Sizzles / Promos / Trailers / Recaps

  • Interviews / Panels

  • BTS / B-Roll

  • Recording Sessions

  •  Live Performances

  • Signings / Premieres

  • Educational / Instructional

Supplemental Products

There are a few Supplemental Products available and are valuable additions to any video product that can provide an even more robust and refined product. These range from Motion graphics, Simple Visual Effects and Original Music. They can be treated as "add-ons" to any video product or used as "stand-a-lone" products. Overall they are ideal for use as part of any social media campaigns.

Motion Graphics

Ideal For:

  • Title Sequences

  • Animated Bugs (Lower Thirds)

  • Logo Animation

  • 2D Animation

  • Animated Storyboards

  • Motion Comics

  • Integrated 3D Animation

Visual Effects

Ideal For:

  • Genre Effects

  • Compositing

  • Set-Extension

  • Rotoscoping

  • Censored Blurs

  • Post Clean-Ups

  • Stylized Looks

Original Music

Ideal For:

  • Title Sequences

  • Scripted Narratives

  • Instructional Videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Sizzle and Promo Reels

  • Commercials

  • Animations

Ancillary Products

There are a few Ancillary Products available and are valuable extensions to any video production as they can help provide or enhance content for any marketing strategies. These range from Photography, Photo Editing, and Graphic Design. They can be treated as "add-ons" to any video product or used as "stand-a-lone" products. Overall they are ideal for use as part of any social media campaigns.


Ideal For:

  • BTS Documentation

  • Head / Body Shots

  • Fashion / Costume Shots

  • HDR Photos

  • Event Documentation

  • Location Scouting Reference

  • Product Promotion

  • Publications / Ads

Photo Editing

Ideal For:

  • Simple Enhancements

  • Resizing & Cropping

  • Color Correction

  • Compositing

  • Complex Alterations

  • HDR Post Correction

  • Stylized Looks

  • Editorial Manipulations

Graphic Design

Ideal For:

  • Press Kits

  • Logos & Title Treatments

  • Flyers & Lobby Cards

  • Posters & One-Sheets

  • Publication Covers

  • Media Packaging

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Advertisements