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Spin Your Tale To Manipulate Reality

Short-Form & Long-Form videos are great to Sell your personal brand, Products or Services.

The documentative approach Is Great to reveal the inner workings of people, places and things.

Scripted Narrative content Creates fictional worlds, characters & situations that entertain & provoke.

Recently Completed

"Horror Re-Imagined: Vol. 1" Music Preview

Los Angeles, CA

As part of the social media marketing by D for Disgruntled for his  "concept soundtrack album" currently available on Bandcamp, TCC created a visual accompaniment to his track preview videos. This is the "End Credits" cue which is a suite of the four prominent themes and motifs used throughout the full album (i.e. film score) while the visualizations supports the story the music is telling. 

Who Are The Hollywood Ghostbusters?

Los Angeles, CA

For this local Hollywood, CA based non-profit organization of Ghostbusters fans, TCC created this short "about" video. Nowhere across their social media profiles was an "about them" video explaining who they were. Now when people come across their organization, this video helps to convey the proper story of who they are and what the do as a non-profit.

Teaser Promo

Los Angeles, CA

For a documentary project TCC is personally producing, this is a teaser in use on social media. The concept is to pose the question for which the documentary is structured around. Using existing footage shot specifically for the documentary, this quick sneak peak was assembled.

"Sykosis" Album Track Preview #1

Los Angeles, CA

TCC built upon and expanded (literally) on the concept for the Facebook Page header video. By incorporating the visual elements of the "branding" throughout the video, the style and the story of music being presented is properly conveyed. It is dark, moody and deals with something not "right" about the world around the character for which the story is about.

"D3D Productions Animate Logo"

Motion Graphics
Los Angeles, CA

One of 3 concepts in the works upon which a final version will be chosen for use. I used Video Copilot's plugin Element 3D to create the 3D text and the textures. everything else was executed in After Effects. The sound design was done my me and utilized the Motion Pulse Sound Library also available from Video Copilot.

"Live-To-Film" Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Sizzle / Promo Reel
Los Angeles, CA

This video was produced using footage co-shot with Chuck Cirino during the night of the concert. From that footage a sizzle reel was assembled for use by concert promoters to sell the tour of this concert both domestically and internationally.

What You Need, Not What You Don't

We provide you with what is absolutely necessary to complete your projects.

We work with the minimum Production resources to keep overhead low.

We coordinate productions and maintain constant oversight.

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Mostrar Mais

I hired Matthew Hightshoe to create a video for an Indiegogo campaign and could not be happier with the results. He was prepared, patient and wonderfully collaborative. He both carried out my "vision," such as it is, and handled the filmmaking process when I had no idea how any of it worked. And he was very generous with his time and knowledge!

Lukas Kendall

Los Angeles. CA

Matthew Hightshoe and his crew at Creative Cortex have provided a consistently impeccable experience on more than a dozen live events. Each event has been fraught with unexpected curveballs and challenges, and yet Hightshoe and his group faced each hurdle with focus, common sense, a skilled tech savvy and a fearless spirit that supplied us with the peace of mind that every company needs, yet seldom gets. Most importantly, they truly care for the people they're offering their services to, while also having a keen understanding of the heart that beats at the center of each job they take on. We have been proud of our association with Creative Cortex and look forward to many more prime experiences in the future.

Taylor White (Owner of Creature Features

Burbank, CA

Matthew has a keen talent for bringing forth a story. All my life I have been camera shy and he has a knack for making people comfortable infront of the camera. He is a Director and filmmaker of exceptional talent, personality, and professionalism.

John Massari

Los Angeles, CA

Matthew worked with me on my first children's book. He was exceptional in every way. Beyond my expectations and certainly someone I look forward to working with again in the future. Highly recommended across the board. He is amazing!

Aunt Liddy's Books

Los Angeles, CA

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