Graphic Design

Presented for review is a collection of Print Ads designed by Matthew C. Hightshoe, Founder / Owner of The Creative Cortex. These were ads that appeared in various print publications and ranged from full page ads, to 2-page spreads to the smallest of small.

Featured Clients:

Gratwick Productions

ZinVu L.A.

Forbidden Films

eBook Builders

Almonte Realty

Mini's Burgers

Davco Printing

Mariachi Juvenil Herencia Mexicana

Alan Gordon Enterprises

Jaded Records

Indie Music Network

Aegis Exterior Lighting

Gratwick Productions 001
Gratwick Productions 002
ZinVu L.A.
Alan Gordon Branding Redesign
Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass Original
Polaview Original Design
Mariachi Juvenile Herencia Mexicana
IMN Original Design Concepts
Jaded Records Original Design
Davco Printing Logo Redesign
eBook Builders Original Design
Mini's Burgers Original Design
Aegis Exterior Lighting Design
Almonte Realty Original Design
Greenstem Logo Redesign
Who's Next In Music Original Desiign
Who Is Matthew Original Design
Forbidden Films Original Design
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