Graphic Design
Large Format Ads

Presented for review is a collection of Large Format Ads such as Posters, Banners and In-Door Signs designed by Matthew C. Hightshoe, Founder / Owner of The Creative Cortex. These were ads that were used in-doors and outdoors while a few were done for use as background decor in an independent film.

Featured Clients:

Alan Gordon Enterprises

Hollywood Fight Club Productions

Greenstem Productions


The Site Down Movie Poster
Paranoia Movie Poster - Spec Concept
The Site Down Movie Poster v2
2095 Movie Poster
HFC Productions Compilation Poster
2095 Movie Poster - Early Concept
A.G.E. Company Banner
A.G.E. Glidecam Banner at Cinegar
A.G.E. Cinegear Open House Banner
A.G.E. Duracell Banner at Cinegear
in-Store Sign - DV-Tec at A.G.E.
in-Store Sign - DUCC at A.G.E.
in-Store Sign - Red Camera at A.G.E.
in-Store Sign - Glidecam at A.G.E.
Delos Poster - Spec Design
Ringworld Poster - Spec Design
sanctuary Teaser Poster Spec Design
Sinner Sensations Poster Spec Design
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Large Format Samples