Graphic Design

Presented for review is a collection of Collateral Marketing Materials designed by Matthew C. Hightshoe, Founder / Owner of The Creative Cortex. Among the samples presented are Brochures, Flyers, Sales Sheets, Business Cards, Operating Manuals & Counter Lobby Cards.

Featured Clients:

ZinVu L.A.

The D.C. Center (LGBT)

Alan Gordon Enterprises

Hollywood Fight Club Productions


TCC Business Card Sides A & B
ZinVu L.A. Business Cards
ZinVu L.A. Sales Packet - Page 1
ZinVu L.A. Sales Packet - Page 2
ZinVu L.A. Sales Packet - Page 3
ZinVu L.A. Sales Packet - Page 4
ZinVu L.A. Sales Packet - Page 5
ZinVu L.A. Sales Packet - Page 6
A.G.E. Brochure in Context
A.G.E. Brochure Side B
Pinocchio's Playhouse Brochure
Children's Theatre Brochure Side B
Polaview Product Counter Card
Pocket Mini Product Counter Card
A.G.E. Sales Sheet 1
A.G.E. Sales Sheet 2
A.G.E. Sales Sheet 3
Hollywood Cage Sales Sheet 1
Friendly Visitor Program Flyer
Pocket Mini Operating Manual
Polaview Operating Manual
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Sales Sheets / Flyers

Cards / Flyers

"After Sex" Lobby Cards & Backside
"After Sex" Lobby Card 1
"Family Voices" Lobby Card
"Flowers for Algernon"  Lobby Card
"Corpus Christi" Lobby Card
"Forever Fosse" Lobby Card 2
"Forever Fosse" Lobby Card 1
"Clue"  Lobby Card v1
"Clue"  Lobby Card v2
"For Colored Girls"  Lobby Card
"Bare Naked Angels" Lobby Card
"Our Lady of 121st St."  Lobby Card
"A Night of Travolta"  Lobby Card
"The Green Room"  Lobby Card
"Biloxi Blues"  Lobby Card
"Cinema Nights"  Lobby Card
"Reservoir Dogs" Lobby Card
"Tarantino Tales"  Lobby Card
"Restaurant Revelations" Lobby Card
"Isn't It Romantic" Lobby Card
"SNL"  Lobby Card v1
"SNL"  Lobby Card v2
"Broadway"  Lobby Card
"Wiseguys"  Lobby Card
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Lobby Card Samples