Graphic Design

Presented for review is a collection of Print and Web Ads designed by Matthew C. Hightshoe, Founder / Owner of The Creative Cortex. These were ads that appeared in various print publications and ranged from full page ads, to 2-page spreads to the smallest of small.

Featured Clients:

Gratwick Productions

Nerdtastic Girl

ZinVu L.A.

Aerobics & Fitness Association of America

Steel House

Jarritos Design Contest Submission

Alan Gordon Enterprises

ARRI Production Bags Small Ad
ARRI Collection Small Ad
ARRI Collection Ad 2
AFAA Holiday Full-Page Ads
Evolution Fitness Full-Page Ad
Envision Eye Care (Spec)
Oconnor Small InSync Ad
Hollywood HD-SLR Cage Small Ad
Oconnor Small InSync Ad 2
Zeiss Lenses Half-Page Ad
DV-Tec Extreme Deluxe Half-Page Ad
Canon DSLR Lenses Half-Page Ad
Decimator Small Ad
Canon 5d and 7d Full Page Ad
DVTec & Canon DSLR Third-Page Ad
20% Discount Program Full-Page Ad
Pocket Mini Small Ad
20% Discount Program Small Ad
Super Grips Small ad
Glidetrack Small Ad
Hollywood Slider Small Ad
A.G.E Monthly Spread in InSync 1
A.G.E Monthly Spread in InSync 2
Mark Vb Ad in DGA Directory
Contest Submission: Jarritos Ad
AFAA & Biggest Loser Full-Page Ad
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Print Ad Samples

Web Ads

Arrow Release Hosted by NG 001
Arrow Release Hosted by NG 002
New A-List Teaser Ad 001
Company Name Instagram Vote
Company Name Facebook Vote
ZinVu L.A. Launch
ZinVu L.A. Winter 2017 Sale
New A-List Teaser Ad 002
New A-List Teaser Ad 003
The Gold Derby Animated Game Ad
The Gold Derby Game Ad concepts
AFAA Holiday Web Ads
AFAA Web Ads
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