Client Projects

Digital Production Art

Creating a reality from which to build in Reality.

Presented for review is a collection of Concept Art for which we were hired. The projects were all for script pitches and project pitches. These projects may or may not still be in development by the client, green-lit by a studio, or in production. We have been granted permission to display some or all of our efforts that resulted from our involvement on these projects.

Also, we have included additional Concept Art that was either rejected or never saw the light of day due to a project being cancelled. For these rejected pieces, each was given a renewed life by being reworked and redeveloped into its own 

A collection of Concept Art that was ultimately not used in various projects due to the project being cancelled or completed rejected by the project owner. The pieces seen here were revamped and given a new lease on life and are on display here.

"Renewed Rejects"

Artwork created to accompany a crowdfunding campaign. The project was a horror story in which a young couple gets captured, tortured and dehumanized by a sadistic group of individuals. That is just the beginning.  They soon discover they are being prepped for something much worse.. The Bad Man.

"The Bad Man"

Artwork to accompany a project pitch. This was a children's animated series about the world and life of skate boards, bicycles, scooters and an array of other similar devices. The vehicles were to emulate the personalities of their owner who we would not actually see.

"The Oak Grove grinders"

Artwork to accompany a crowdfunding campaign and eventually lead into more design work for this Graphic Novel. A man awakens in the future to find himself infected with a disease originally designed to kill him will end up saving him. The disease mutated and wiped out the most of the human race. He is the only one holding the biological antidote.


Artwork to accompany a script pitch. The film would center around a young girl who discovers and befriends  a mystical creature that lives in the woods. Unbeknownst to her, the creature has a dark agenda that requires her unwilling participation.


Artwork to accompany a pitch session for a small interactive game that would appear on the commercial release of Beowulf from the mid 2000s. The concept of the game has been long forgotten. The artwork reflects the specific imagery requested by the client.

"BeoWulf - DVD Game Pitch"

Artwork to accompany a project pitch to Investors and studios. A Sci-Fi / Fantasy story in which two brothers are separated at a young age grow up to become quite different people. after a tiresome search for decades, they find each other in hopes to free their imprisoned civilization from the entity that separated them in their youth.

"Twin Suns"

Artwork to for the Production Designer to use for designing sets for this short film. A dystopian and post-apocalyptic future. Few remain in an underground world of endless production line work. Clues are revealed to various people that the outside world has recovered and they are being held against their will.

"Wide Awake In Nothing"

Artwork to accompany a project pitch. A kids animated feature film surrounding the life of a young Albino child who is sold off to a mysterious traveling circus. The ringmaster commits a bait and switch offer with the young boy's parents resulting in the boy being a slave and captor to perform with the other captured children in his travelling circus.