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PHOTOGRAPHY & Retouching

BTS Photography by: Matthew C. Hightshoe / Founder TCC.

Services Available:

  • Project Consultation (Free)

  • Photo Shoots

  • Photo Editing / Retouching

  • Matterport 3D

  • 360 Photography

  • Zillow 3D Home

Get them all or pick only what you need!

Ideal For:

  • Property Listings

  • Virtual Tours

  • Google Maps

  • E-Commerce

  • Events

  • Lifestyle

  • BTS

  • Journalistic

  • Editorial

  • Marketing

Not any one project is the same as another nor equal in scope, budget or deadline. As a result, TCC has found it easier to learn more about your project's scope, deadline and budget in order to provide a fair and adequate quote. also, it allows for better negotiation from the start whereas posted price points do not and in fact scare away most people.

Just to settle individuals who REALLY  want some initial idea of price, the starting cost for many of TCC projects have ranged between $300 - $600 for either a photo shoot or photo editing assignment only, not both. However, when multiple services are combined - such as shoots and editing as well as possible Matterport 3D Virtual Tours or Zillow 3D Home Tours say for Real Estate Property Listings, the price can start at a range of $500 - $800. 

Feel free to contact The Creative Cortex via email to receive a review of your project along with a quote.