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While The Creative Cortex are first and foremost a service provider, we are working on our own original content as well. We providing our own services for our own projects which will range from web series, documentaries, short films, animations, and a few publications as well.

IN PRODUCTION: A documentary that examines the business and creative challenges to commercially releasing a film score. It will delve into the historical aspects of how soundtracks have been presented and released to the mass public. We interview the composers, the album producers, the specialty music label companies, the engineers, the licensing departments, the liner note writers, the art directors for the packaging, and more. Provided is a short clip from the film.

"Score Trek"

COMPLETED: A montage created as an early company reel that pooled together the photographic eye of the The Creative Cortex Owner, Matthew C. Hightshoe and one of the earliest and continuing contributor, James Emanuel Stuart. their visions are so in sync that it is nearly impossible to discern who shot what.

The editing, post-color timing, and music was executed by Matthew C. Hightshoe.

"L.A. City Montage 2016"

COMPLETED: An early effort in video documentation in which a visit to a local animal sanctuary was captured. This was intended to be an exercise in capturing B-Roll and editing it in a manner to produce a narrative about the animals themselves.

The shooting, editing, post-color timing, and music was executed by Matthew C. Hightshoe.

"Another Day"

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