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per 2+ Full days

(prorated half-days)


per 1 full day

(5+ hours)


per 1 half day

(under 5hrs)

Graphic Design

For Every Project...

What you get:

  • Free Consultation.

  • Signed Agreements.

  • Customized workflow that suits your needs.

    • Establish deadlines.

  • Creative Meeting to lock down the details of the image for each final work.

    • Only Two Concepts to be presented per drawing from which one will be chosen and developed.

    • Up to 3 Reviews sessions allowing for changes.

  • Hard Copies / Digital Copies of the Final Hi-Res and Web Optimized Files.

    • FINAL files can only be used in the capacity for which is agreed upon within the proposals.

    • Any use outside of the initial agreement will require an amendment to the agreement.

  • Ownership all FINAL Files - not the working files.

    • Clients typically never own the working files unless otherwise requested. "Working" files are no different to Digital Artist as a "negative" is to a Photographer.

    • A client may purchase working documents for an additional fee.

What we want in return:

  • Payment (of course).

  • Credit us through mentions across your Social Media through proper tagging and links.

  • Like our Facebook Page.

  • Submit testimonials / reviews on our Facebook Page which will be used across our Marketing Strategies, Website and Social Media.

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