The Creative Cortex is a visual storyteller using video production, photography and graphic design to tell stories. Whether it is to promote a brand, product or service, document events and processes, or scripted content for entertainment, educational or marketing purposes, TCC is capable of taking your project from ideation to completion. It understands how to "do a lot with just a little" when faced with challenging budgets and resources resulting in making a project look more expensive than it really was.


As an individual creative, there is a tendency to get pigeon-holed into one discipline and stigmatized for attempting to specialize in more than one. However, in media production there is always a need for a combination of video, photography and graphic design services.  A video project may need marketing materials which may need photography.  Mix that scenario into any combination possible and it will become evident that having a company that specializes in all three is valuable as a one-stop shop.


Content creators may have big ideas but not always big budgets which limits their choices for HOW they will achieve their vision. Not everyone can go the DIY route which is where TCC can step in to help. I (the founder) am no stranger to the struggles of being a creative individual and have spent years figuring out ways to work efficiently, economically and find creative solutions to overcome limitations in budget, time and resources. TCC can "do a lot with just a little" and make things appear "more expensive and produced" than they actually were. This is why TCC is an ideal for the "everyday person on the everyday budget".


TCC is committed to delivering what you, the client, wants. The projects is YOUR vision, not TCC's. From the start of every project, TCC will consult (if requested) with you to help develop your vision and to ensure it stays on track both conceptually and meeting deadlines. 



TCC is a collaborative entity.  It can function in multiple disciplines. It can also assume multiple roles. Depending on the needs of the project creator, TCC will accommodate and assume the desired role. requested. If the project creator needs TCC to collaborate and maintain oversight of the entire project development, execution and delivery, it can do so. If the need is to only pay a specific function in a much larger workflow, TCC can also comply.

Also, TCC can be flexible with its own availability. Once the specifics of a project deadline is established, TCC will perform to a production schedule that will ensure the timely completion of a project. If this means working over night, weekends, and holidays, it will do so.


When working with The Creative Cortex, clients are receiving work by someone with 15 years of cumulative knowledge and experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience Design, Photography and Video Production. Years of personal time, research, training and financial investment has been made by the founder to form this company and provide a service to those who cannot afford the otherwise more pricey alternatives. While TCC is approachable and fun, it takes its work seriously and ensures at all times that integrity is upheld throughout the creative and production process. It expects the same out of its clients. 


After reviewing so many other competitors with their sleek and minimalist branding, none really came across as screaming "affordable" and at times very "intimidating" at first and second glance. It was like the guy who wants to approach the hot girl but immediately knows he is out of her league just by merely giving her a once over with his eyes. To come across as approachable, affordable and fun to work with, I wanted to try something more radical with the branding.

If TCC is to be a specialist in visual storytelling, then, the website and branding should properly reflect this. The design approach is not just "cartoony" for cartoony sake. It is well thought out and is multi-tiered in its execution.

Regarding the cartoon/comic book aesthetic. I chose the more comical and cartoon-like approach. Humor is a great icebreaker and a way to escape the everyday struggles for a short bit. I use humor with my friends, family and clients to help get through stressful situations. I also use it escape at times from my own stress and struggles. Even if a potential client decides to not go with The Creative Cortex, they will walk away at least with a smile and remembering the mascot with the lightbulb on its head.

Taking the theme of "creativity" the design is a play on the sector (or cortex) of the human brain that relates to creativity. There are subtleties everywhere that reinforce the sub-themes related to creativity such as ideas, questioning, thinking, and creation. The use of question marks are obvious (thinking, conceiving, questioning) while the exclamation marks are indicative of ideas coming to fruition.

The TCC mascot is a personification of me (the founder) and embodies my sense of humor, intellect, and passion for storytelling whether through static or moving images. To symbolize that creativity is in everyone, the mascot has not outer body shape, ethnicity or gender. It is simply a brain with a light bulb atop its head to indicate when thinking and when an idea has formed. The body (or spine really), its limbs and extremities are all instruments through which the creativity travels through to become something tangible in reality. Additionally, to hint at my past multiple roles in a variety of production jobs, the mascot appears in various disguises.