When working with The Creative Cortex, clients are receiving work by someone with 15 years of cumulative knowledge and experience in Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience Design, Pho

Originally from Indianapolis, IN.  Grew up watching movies, drawing, assembling models, making miniature houses and office buildings, and learning about how movies were made. The movie that got me interested in filmmaking was Poltergeist. I was 7 when it came out, the same age as Carol Anne.  SPOILERS!!!!!! The house imploding at the end was the special effect that started my lifelong pursuit to work in films.

Years later, my parents bought me ILM's Volume 1 book of Special effects featuring all the films they worked since their inception in the 70s. I was the only kid my age at that time that time in my school that understood the terminology for special effects. Needless to say, I was alone in my interests. But my parents continued to support me.


At age 13, my family moved to Silver Spring, MD (just outside of Washington, D.C.) where I continued from 8th grade through graduating High School at Springbrook High. During those impressionable years, I continued with my journey studying filmmaking through publications such as Starlog, Fangoria, Cinefantastique, and GoreZone. Other than these publications, the occasional BTS documentary or featurette on Cable TV, and working for 3 years at Blockbuster Video, this was my film school and filmmaking education for several years.

Simultaneously, my interest began to expand within the filmmaking world to film music.  This interest in film music fed back into my interest with filmmaking.  As a result of becoming a huge fan of Jerry Goldsmith, I would watch films from before my time.  This became my film history class of sorts.  As a result, I learned more about filmmaking from other eras and how the stories were told differently through the lens. 

Over the years I struggled to decide what I really wanted to do as I did not have the tools to make films myself, not even a camcorder. So I eventually turned away from all of that to do what I did have the tools to work with - art and design.


I received a B.A. in Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1999. I received early training in Graphic Design and HTML during my time there which ironically are the skills that launched me into a career in Graphic Design. From there, I would transition into Web design in 2007 and then User Experience Design by 2012. In 2015, I used the time at my last employer to invest in starting up The Creative Cortex - buying the necessary business requirements, documentation, fees, equipment and software. During that time I also spent my evenings and weekends training myself through online courses in the skills sets for which I was lacking in video and photographic production.

Along the way all those years, I did try to occasionally find ways to get into the film industry by way of working at a related companies.  These would range from a Courier Company for the studios both on-lot and in the call center and several post-production facilities working in the media vaults. I did contract occasionally as a Concept Artist and Storyboard Artist. The continual low to no pay gigs that went nowhere discouraged me from wanting to continue with it. So I try to merge my ability to tell a story visually while being related to the entertainment industry. I found an opportunity at such a company.

I worked as the in-house marketing person for Alan Gordon Enterprises for 3 years. Being a Motion Picture Equipment Rental and Sales company, AGE allowed me to flourish as a designer, visual storyteller and learn a whole new aspect of filmmaking - the equipment side. I would learn everything I could about each piece of equipment around which I had to create marketing materials. This was at the time when DSLRs entered the marketplace and changed filmmaking forever. I cut my teeth on Product Photography at AGE as I shot many of the products sold and rented at AGE for their e-commerce site and consignment items on eBay. While assisting at various industry trade shows, I would also document the event and the activity at the AGE booth.


When I left AGE in 2011, I would have never imagined the experience and training would have a second life. 

I acquired my own DSLR a couple years later. I retrained myself extensively and began experimenting with my own Photography and Videography projects.


While many around me were shocked when they learned of my departure from a high paying job. While many thought it abrupt and insane, I had prepared for it for some time. The money was nice but the job was making me unhappy and not worth the money. My career in general up to that point was making me unhappy. I had already begun working in video production on the side during my time at my last employer and it wax time to make the jump into the unknown, the undiscovered country, the abyss containing my new life. I had everything in place business wise - a website, the business cards, the license, the initial clients - so I made the jump.

The Creative Cortex was born.