Concept art

"Wide Awake In Nothing"

The independent filmmaker Paul Lingas needed concept art created for his sci-fi dystopian short film. Presented here are the various stages of development from rough sketches to final rendered art.

This was a graduate thesis film. It was a sci-fi short. The production designer utilized Matthew as a concept artist. The film was shot on location at a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles and would be decorated and additional structural alterations made to turn the space into the post apocalyptic subterranean world. after visiting the space the inspiration took over. This was also an early use of Photoshop by "D" for Disgruntled with regard to digital painting.


A post-apocalyptic future where those who have survived have gone underground. The constant reminder of the contaminated world outside is used as a deterrent for keeping people inside. However, when items being shipped in from the outside world are discovered by the commoners and the workers, they begin to question if the outside world is truly still contaminated.

Featured Clients:

Paul Lingas

Scene: Hallway Struggle
The Border Room
Workstation Room Floor Plan
Hallway Sketch
The Border Room Sketch 1
The Border Room Sketch 2
Workstations Sketch 1
Workstations Sketch 2
Workstations Sketch 3
Office Sketch 1
Office Sketch 2
Office Sketch 3
Interrogation Sketch
Employee Break Area
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