Concept art


Artwork to accompany a project pitch. Several of the key characters and environments were created to help illustrate the initial look for the animated film. The design was intended to be deceivingly happy for the world building before turning dark in conjunction with the plot.



A kids animated feature film surrounding the life of a young Albino child who is sold off to a mysterious traveling circus. The ringmaster commits a bait and switch offer with the young boy's parents resulting in the boy being a slave and captor to perform with the other captured children in his travelling circus.

During his imprisonment, Victor befriends the other prisoners (aka: sideshow freaks). Victor also falls in love with the Ring Leader's daughter, a love and relationship that is forbidden. The Ring Leader's insanity and madness that has been brewing for years now begins to affect his judgement, leading to a hell-bending finality of rebellion, uprising and catastrophe.

Featured Clients:

Scott Schirmer

Victor's Home
Late Night Arrival
The Circus
Mortimer - The Ring Leader
Mortimer's Daughter
Dog Boy
The Medical Car
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