Concept art

"Twin Suns"

Artwork to accompany a project pitch to Investors and studios. A Sci-Fi / Fantasy story in which two brothers are separated at a young age grow up to become quite different people. after a tiresome search for decades, they find each other in hopes to free their imprisoned civilization from the entity that separated them in their youth.

The Production Comapny Greenstem Entertainment Concept Art was created for a live action sci-fi fantasy film for which they were developing. Presented here is the final rendered art.

This was Matthew's first Concept Art project. This was done old school before acquiring his personal computer and before learning to create artwork digitally in Photoshop. The work presented here are executed as traditional paintings.


During an alien invasion, the royal leaders on that planet combine their mystical powers to hide their neighboring sister planet from the invading aliens. Amidst the chaos are the two royal sons who are transported away to another far world in order to preserve the blood line and possibly their race. However, neither are sent to the same place, instead they are separated by light years on worlds so drastically different from where they came from.

Over the years, the few remaining survivors of the invasion embarked on a search was made to find the brothers as they are the only ones who could free the sister world from its hiding place. During their transportation from one planet to another, they discover the alien's plight and why their planets were so significant for invasion.

Upon finding the brothers, the reunion is bitter sweet as it becomes apparent that the brothers are also polar opposites in their personalities and outlooks on life. They seekers must work with them to bring them together to both free their sister world and defeat the aliens.


Featured Clients:

Greenstem Productions

The Palace
The School
School Room
Local Village
Eclipse Meteor Shower
Post Ambush
The Bokk Home Planet
The local Bokk Village
Bokk Farm House
The Bokk Famhouse Kitchen
the Bokk Farmhouse Sleeping Area
The Bokk Farmhouse Dining Area
The local Bokk Fishing Hole
The local Bokk River
The evil entity Hoeworld
The Groth Planet
The Groth City
The Groth Domicile Exterior
The Groth Domicile Interior
The Groth Desert
The Groth Ancient City
The Groth Ancient City Tower
The Groth Ancient City Interior
The Groth Ancient City Interior 2
The Groth Ancient City Interior 3
The Groth Ancient City Interior 4
The Groth Ancient City Interior 5
The Groth Ancient City Interior 6
The Sister Planet
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