Concept art

"The Bad Man"

After creating their Logo, Forbidden Films was in need of Character Concept Art for most the major characters in this demented horror story. Also created were poster concepts. Presented here are the various stages of development from rough sketches to final rendered art.


This story deals with the psychological horror endured by a couple who is first attacked by unknown characters in their vacation cabin, tortured, degraded and dehumanized. All such activities are performed to prepare the couple to be sold off as human sex slaves in the form of a fetish styled character themselves - a human sized porcelain doll and a dog. It is not normally the type of project one would take on but we looked past the visual horror and the consistent striving to persevere and survive just to simply survive that drew our attention. The writer / director told us that much of the torture would be off screen or implied, allowing the mind to fill in the blanks.

Featured Clients:

Forbidden Films

Poster Concept 1
Poster Concept 2
Poster Concept 3
Clown Design 1
Clown Design Make-Up Variations
Clown Design 2
Clown Wardrobe Changes
Clown Wardrobe Changes 2
Good Boy Concepts
Good Boy Final Concepts
Duct Tape Man Concept 1
Duct Tape Man Variations
Scene: The Capture
The Boot Concepts
The Boot Concepts 2
Pretty Lady Concepts
Pretty Lady Packaging Concepts
Making The Human Doll
The Bad Man Early Concept
The Bad Man Variations
The Bad Man Variations 2
The Bad Man Final Concept
Scene: Roadside Meeting
Scene: A Disturbing Encounter
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Duct Tape Man Concept 1