Concept art

"The Oak grove Grinders"

The production company igKnight Productions was in need of Character Concept Art to accompany a pitch for a children's animated TV series. Presented here are mostly the final pieces but there are a few rough sketches including the audition sample which got us hired.

Purpose & Synopsis:

Artwork to accompany a project pitch. This was a children's animated series about the world and life of skate boards, bicycles, scooters and an array of other similar devices. The vehicles were to emulate the personalities of their owner who we would not actually see.

Featured Clients:

igKnight Productions

Reeper Concepts
T-Riks Concepts
T-Riks Early Concept
JJ Early Concept
JJ Final Concept
Boggsy Concept
Boggsy Early Concept
Scoot Concept
Scoot Concepts
Submission Character Design
B-Boy Early Concepts
B-Boy Early Concepts 2
B-Boy Fonal Concept
Tiffany Early Concept
Tiffany Final Concept
Stingray Early Concept
Stingray Final Concept
Early Sketches
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