Concept art


The independent filmmaker John Lechago was developing a horror movie and was in need of Concept Designs for various key elements of his story to be used in a pitch. Presented here are the various stages of development from rough sketches to final rendered art.

Artwork to accompany a script pitch. The film would center around a young girl who discovers and befriends  a mystical creature that lives in the woods. Unbeknownst to her, the creature has a dark agenda that requires her unwilling participation.


A young woman returns to her home town to start her life over from the chaos and failed life she caused for herself in the big city. While out exploring the woods one day, she encounters a mystical tree and to her surprise she discovers a malevolent creature resides inside. She befriends this creature and keeps his existence a secret. She learns of his past and the persecution experienced over the centuries.

Before long her new found friendship is discovered and it is a race against time to stop the locals from killing the creature. However, there is one secret being kept from her by the creature and the local towns folk. She is the target of the ancient creature through which he will continue his immortality.

Featured Clients:

John Lechago

The Tree in Daylight
The Tree at Night
The Throne Room Final Concept
Throne sketch
Interior Concepts
Tree Interior Sketch 1
Tree Interior Sketch 2
Tree Interior Sketch 3
Tree Interior Sketch 4
Tree Interior Sketch 5
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